Stray Dog Adoption

last update: 16/05/2017
3 yrs

This is Moritz!He is a beautiful giant dog who was found before a year at a tragical situation and at the streets of Komotini.He didnt have fur at all(as you can see at the photos) but after the right treatment and the love that he took,he show us how he really is.Our beautiful boy is ready now to receive a lot of hugs from a new family who will love him and they will give him the love and care which he didnt take!He has done all the vaccinations,he has took all the pills for ticks etc,he is castrated and of course he has Microchip!!!

Disclaimer: Every adoption request will be fulfilled with the procedure outlined by the law (installation of microchip, declaration to the ministry in charge in the name of the new owner etc). For the adoption, your id or ssn number is required.
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