Stray Dog Adoption

last update: 30/05/2017
5 months

Little Cassy, had to know how tough the world is, since she was a puppy. When she was 2 months she was hit by a car. She was transfered to Thessaloniki, and submitted to surgical treatment. She is a real survivor, and managed to stand again on her feet! She met again the joy of life. Unfortunately, her walking gives away all the bad situation she was in, as she will never fully recover. However, she is more than able to run and play with other dogs. Her size is medium, she is very sweet and lovable. She hopes that there is someone out there, that will pass by her problems and choose to adopt her! She just asks for someone with a kind soul to give her the love she needs.
She has done all vaccinations,she has took all the pills for ticks etc, and of course she has Microchip!!!


Disclaimer: Every adoption request will be fulfilled with the procedure outlined by the law (installation of microchip, declaration to the ministry in charge in the name of the new owner etc). For the adoption, your id or ssn number is required.
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